me, me, me.
Midterm project in Motion Design 2 at Art Center

Motion Graphics, Typography
  • This motion piece is a triptych describing myself. Each letter depicts things that define and influence my aesthetics. 'R' represents a foggy morning in late autumn. 'Y' represents books regarding to design and art. 'O' represents electronic music.
  • ADAA2013 finalist (judgement still in progress)
    The objective of this motion piece is to tell my personality with three subject matters and its graphic style. Its graphic style represents my humbleness and inner passion. In 'R' scene, I try to express a calm and tense air in a foggy morning in late autumn. 'Y' scene describes my deep interest in not only the contents of books, but its physical presence. In 'O' scene, I want to describe electronic music which is developed with simple or complex repetition.
  • Software:AE/AI/PS/C4D
    Type Development
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