Quote Visualization Project
Midterm project in Motion Design 1 at Art Center
Music : Chris Zabriskie / Wonder Cycle

Motion Graphics
  • This is a creative attempt to visualize a quote "Man knows so much and does so little."— Buckminster Fuller.
    この作品はBuckminster Fullerの「人は沢山の知識を持ち、実行する事は僅かである」という引用をビジュアル化したものである。
  • ADAA2013 finalist (judgement still in progress)
    The objective of this piece is to convey the denotative and connotative meaning of the quote with a visual. The quote implies that the time given to mankind is limited; what they can do is not as much as they think. In order to express the idea, I use blueprint as a visual to imply the knowledge of mankind; paper and ink as a visual to connote what mankind can do.
  • Software:AE/AI/PS
  • Almost all scenes are animated with custom expressions designed for this project. As a result, the whole animating process gets incredibly simple and flexible; scenes are efficiently executed in a very short work time.